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Innovative Impact | Session 1

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I really enjoyed my Friday at the Innovative Impact conference at my church, Fellowship of The Woodlands.

Pastor Kerry opened the conference with the keynote session titled Life Vision.

Here are a few notes from the session…….

1) A Life Vision Starts With Perspective

2) A Life Vision Will Flow Out of My Priorities

The Clarifying Question: “What would you do if you knew you had one month to live?”

3) A Life Vision Fits Into The Divine Plan

    Clarify the Vision…..Constantly

      FOTW Vision: To help people experience Christ – rather than man’s creation of religion – so they can grow deep in Christ – and take the Christ Experience back to the community and the world.

      • eliminate the weight of irrelevance (a lot of people don’t hate church, they just think it is not relevant to their life)
      • eliminate the weight of inwardness (Jesus made people feel welcome)
      • eliminate the weight of image (don’t act like your perfect and have it all together)
      • Cultivate the Vision……tell your people why we do what we do
      • Cast the Vision……..get everyone on the same page

      4) A Life Vision Has An Eternal Power

      some other comments from Pastor Kerry (i tried my best to jot down his exact words)…….

      • Leadership is always a wild ride.
      • A real leader steps out and sets the sails to catch the winds of change.
      • Step into the influence God has given you.
      • We are ordinary people, but we have an extraordinary God.
      • People always ask about our tremendous growth, and we always say we have to blame that on God.
      • Before you can cast vision, you have to have a personal life vision.
      • Vision helps us soar above the pressures and problems of everyday life.
      • God’s purpose cannot be derailed.
      • We need to get a new glimpse of God.
      • Remember how big your God is.
      • A life vision will always require faith.
      • You have to step off the cliff and let God catch you.
      • What are you doing in your 1 and only life that requires faith?
      • Every person has influence. Step into that influence.
      • Flow: God -> Marriage -> Family -> Career / Church -> Change the World

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      March 7, 2008 at 10:46 pm

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