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At age 12, Marcus is still just a boy, but I am confident that he will eventually be a giant of a man.

I don’t know a lot about Marcus and his family situation.

I do know he doesn’t have much. At least when it comes to money, toys, and other material possessions.

I do know he lives with his grandparents in the shadows of The Woodlands, TX. One of the wealthiest areas in the Houston area.

And I know he shows up every single Sunday morning with a smile on his face to serve 4 year olds in the children’s ministry at my church.

My wife is on the children’s ministry staff and she purposely arranged for Marcus to serve with me in my class in the hopes that he could learn from me.

Funny thing is…….I am learning a lot from Marcus.

Written by Aaron

March 16, 2008 at 5:34 pm

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