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The Way Banking Should Be

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I am still reading through Mavericks at Work.

One of the companies profiled in the book is ING Direct.

They are not your ordinary bank.

  • No branches.
  • No fees, no minimums, great rates.
  • Most transactions online.
  • Short list of financial products.
  • No credit cards.

From their website……

ING DIRECT exists to help you Save Your Money.

This is the way banking should be. Simple, easy, ING DIRECT. Save Your Money.

They were and continue to be disruptive to the banking industry. A bank that encourages and helps you to make wise financial decisions. Savings focused vs. debt focused.

In this video, CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann states that a banking transaction should be as easy as purchasing a cup of coffee. I agree.

Clear purpose. Values driven. Simple. Different.

Written by Aaron

April 9, 2008 at 11:19 pm

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