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Bad Customer

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I wasn’t a very good customer today.

I called my dentist at 8:00 this morning to cancel my afternoon appointment.

We had some crazy stuff going on at work and I just couldn’t afford to be out of the office this afternoon.

When I called I was very apologetic about it. I hate to do this. I’m sorry. I apologize. Forgive me. I said all that on the call.

The response from the lady on the phone surprised me. She actually sounded angry. She was extremely rude and transferred me over to another lady who was even more rude. She scolded me over the phone for canceling and listed 3 or 4 reasons why I was such a bad customer.

So here is my best Seth Godin impersonation:

When a customer is a bad customer and costs you a small amount of revenue…….

You can respond with anger and never see another dime from that customer former customer.


You can respond with understanding and earn the right to serve that customer in the future.

Gotta go find another dentist.

Written by Aaron

April 22, 2008 at 9:12 pm

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