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Blogging from…..

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I’ve posted to this blog from home, from work, from a coffee shop….but right now I am posting to this blog from church.

You can access the internet from every other place you go……so why not have a wired church

I appreciate my church so much.  They have not only embraced technology, but they recognize technology as a way to reach people and change lives.

We just attended the Easter service and it was amazing.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.  Thousands and thousands of people will come to this campus tomorrow and I pray that lives are changed.

P.S.  Don’t you find it odd that the spellchecker for WordPress blogs doesn’t recognize the words ‘blog’ and ‘internet’? 

Written by Aaron

March 22, 2008 at 4:59 pm

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Introducing the ‘Living the Dash’ Blog

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Living the Dash? What does that mean?

You know……..the dash…….we all have one.

blue dash with shadow

My pastor, Kerry Shook, writes about it in his new book One Month to Live.

“We get to decide how we’re going to use our dash. You get to choose how you are going to spend that little dash of time between the two dates of your earthly existence.”

This blog is where I will document my dash. My thoughts, comments, questions, observations on all things that interest me.

I suspect that most of my posts will be on the topics of faith, technology, business, politics, leadership, family…………………………….and anything else that happens between those two dates.

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March 5, 2008 at 7:43 pm

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