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Innovative Impact | Session 2 – Kirby Jon Caldwell

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The speaker for session 2 at today’s Innovative Impact conference was Kirby Jon Caldwell.

I was blown away. He is a brilliant communicator.

Here are a few notes from his speech on innovation……

  • He is energized by this concept of innovation.
  • One reason churches are dying is because they fail to innovate.
  • Love meets needs. Innovation meets needs.
  • We should be people of ‘holy’ innovation.
  • Before innovation occurs it looks impossible, after it occurs it looks like it was inevitable.
  • Before innovation is birthed it looks obscure, after it is birthed it looks obvious…….but if you are not careful it become obsolete.
  • Innovation is an act of faithfulness.
  • God was in the heavens -> God was in the hills -> God was in the temple -> then the innovation of all innovations….Jesus Christ.
  • His wife told him he was a workaholic. She said “You have a vision for the state, you have a vision for this city, you have a vision for your church…..What is your vision for this house?”
  • If you do not innovate, you die.
  • 8 Innovations Killers (for some reason i only jotted down 6)
    1. abundance of personel & resources can stifle innovation
    2. lack of committment by management
    3. poor communication
    4. inadequate information technology
    5. unwillingness or inability to interact with your customers
    6. internal politics & gamesmenship
  • People Run to This Model…
    • Vision – where are we going?
    • Mission – why do we exist?
    • Action Steps (sometimes these like to go off on their own…make sure they always stay in line behind Vision & Mission)
    • Structure & Systems
    • People (on a bad day, your biggest liability…..on a good day, your biggest asset)

Written by Aaron

March 7, 2008 at 11:17 pm