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Make the Impossible….Possible

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I got the chance to hear from an amazing man named Bill Strickland tonight.

Bill grew up in the inner city of Pittsburgh. He now runs the Bidwell Training Center in the inner city of Pittsburgh.

Bill has a passion for working with the least advantaged among us to help them achieve the impossible in their lives.

He is also the author of the book, Make the Impossible Possible.


Here are a few Bill Strickland quotes from tonight……

“People are a function of environment and expectations.”

“Beautiful space creates beautiful people.”

“People are born into this world as assets, not liabilities.”

“It’s all in the way we treat people that determines a person’s outcome.” “We all make ourselves “poor ” in one way or another when we accept that we are not smart enough, experienced enough, or talented enough to accomplish something.”

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March 8, 2008 at 10:22 pm

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Innovative Impact | Session 1

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I really enjoyed my Friday at the Innovative Impact conference at my church, Fellowship of The Woodlands.

Pastor Kerry opened the conference with the keynote session titled Life Vision.

Here are a few notes from the session…….

1) A Life Vision Starts With Perspective

2) A Life Vision Will Flow Out of My Priorities

The Clarifying Question: “What would you do if you knew you had one month to live?”

3) A Life Vision Fits Into The Divine Plan

    Clarify the Vision…..Constantly

      FOTW Vision: To help people experience Christ – rather than man’s creation of religion – so they can grow deep in Christ – and take the Christ Experience back to the community and the world.

      • eliminate the weight of irrelevance (a lot of people don’t hate church, they just think it is not relevant to their life)
      • eliminate the weight of inwardness (Jesus made people feel welcome)
      • eliminate the weight of image (don’t act like your perfect and have it all together)
      • Cultivate the Vision……tell your people why we do what we do
      • Cast the Vision……..get everyone on the same page

      4) A Life Vision Has An Eternal Power

      some other comments from Pastor Kerry (i tried my best to jot down his exact words)…….

      • Leadership is always a wild ride.
      • A real leader steps out and sets the sails to catch the winds of change.
      • Step into the influence God has given you.
      • We are ordinary people, but we have an extraordinary God.
      • People always ask about our tremendous growth, and we always say we have to blame that on God.
      • Before you can cast vision, you have to have a personal life vision.
      • Vision helps us soar above the pressures and problems of everyday life.
      • God’s purpose cannot be derailed.
      • We need to get a new glimpse of God.
      • Remember how big your God is.
      • A life vision will always require faith.
      • You have to step off the cliff and let God catch you.
      • What are you doing in your 1 and only life that requires faith?
      • Every person has influence. Step into that influence.
      • Flow: God -> Marriage -> Family -> Career / Church -> Change the World

      Written by Aaron

      March 7, 2008 at 10:46 pm

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